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Income tax filled out time but these 5 mistakes made in ITR filing, if you can afford it

Income tax filled out time, but these 5 mistakes made in ITR filing, if you can afford it
Income tax filled out time, but these 5 mistakes made in ITR filing, if you can afford it

 As much as it is necessary to fill income tax, the more important it is to file an Income Tax Return (ITR). The last date for filing income tax returns is July 31 which is just near. If you can not file a tax return on a fixed date, you may have to pay a penalty, and let it be known that you may have to pay the penalty even though you have filled the income tax over time. It is also necessary to fill income tax returns with income tax.

In such a situation, you need to take care of some things so that the income tax department's notice is not available.

Filling the ITR with the right method and timely refund at the right time, if any, does not get any problem and ITR process also happens on time. Fill the bank details such as name, IFSC code, account number (where you want to refund), by checking in the right way so that the refund fails.

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If your employer does not correct the company's tax deduction and collection account number, then there may be other technical difficulties in respect of refund and repayment of tax.

Do not make any mistakes in your email ID, postal address. Check spelling. It may be that the Income Tax department wants to send you notice or set up any other kind of dialogue, but if these information is wrong then you will not be able to get the message of income tax department till then. Also, if a refund is made then the check will not be reached at the correct address. Cross check these small but small but important information and information

Under section 80 of Income Tax, you can save a lot of income tax. Take advantage of the exemption given under it and inform it as soon as possible by providing documentation to your employer, but if you can not tell it then mention it in the ITR.

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Many times people do not mention tax exempted income Such as income from interest on PPF It is fine that the interest paid on PPF deposits is not taxed, but it is necessary to mention the ITR filing. Surely mention the Benefits and other long term capital gains. It is necessary to avoid any type of misdemeanor at the time of ITR processing.

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