Not getting married boyfriend, keep these five things care


     Not getting married boyfriend, keep these five things care

Not getting married boyfriend, keep these five things care
Not getting married boyfriend, keep these five things care

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"In Love Marriage, girls marry their boyfriend, from someone else's boyfriend in Arrange Marriage." Well, this saying is famous among people as Joke, but this is also reality. There are many lovers who are not able to get married. But it is not necessary that if the marriage is not happening, then the relationship will be eliminated with bitterness. If a girl is married to another boy instead of her boyfriend, then she should take care of these five things. Presenting Harshita's report ...

Mutual proportion
It is better to abandon the relationship with which it is not the destination. Maybe you want to have a relationship with your lover even after marriage, but it will be difficult. Because in such a situation, you will not be able to be honest to a person who will not be married or devoted to him, whom you love. It would be better to separate the time with both mutual consent.

Do not tell 'everything' to fiancé
It would be wrong that you hide the story of your last relationship with your future life partner. But it is not necessary that everything is said about your past. If you were very close to your boyfriend, then it is not necessary that you tell all the things to the fiancé or husband, because this will cause bitterness in your new relationship from the beginning.

Do not forget about boyfriend in marriage
Maybe you want to keep your lover close to your friendship as a friend after marriage. There is no harm in it, but try not to invite them to your wedding. Because in those circumstances it will be difficult to face each other and you will feel uncomfortable in marrying someone else in their presence.

Build slowly with boyfriend
If your marriage is fixed, then you do not necessarily break the relationship with your boyfriend in one stroke. When the relationship takes time to become a relationship, then it will also seem to end. So make the distance gradually, because if you try to finish everything in a moment, then it may be that you can not tolerate that emptiness in front.

Finish account of money
There are many lover pairs who combine joint account, insurance policy, property investment. Probably thinking that both of them have to take the relationship forward with them. But if the breakup is going on, then make sure that you settle all the money related to money-property so that there is no problem after marriage.

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