The Delhi Metro's wheels the employees are stuck on these 5 demands


For the first time, the Delhi Metro's wheels, the employees are stuck on these 5 demands 

For the first time, the Delhi Metro's wheels, the employees are stuck on these 5 demands
For the first time, the Delhi Metro's wheels, the employees are stuck on these 5 demands

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 In the last few years, Metro has emerged as a lifeline of Delhi. Think of it, what would happen if the wheels of Delhi Metro stopped running one day. It is expected that on Monday, the wheels of Delhi metro can stop. Actually, on 24th July, the employees of DMRC have declared their work to be completely closed with their demands. The scattered cases of protest are coming continuously. On Friday, the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) employees had demanded to complete their demands quickly by protesting at some stations. However, no major official has tried to calm the employees.

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This is the reason for the shutdown: DMRC, a staff council of DMRC, said that on May 29, 2015, the DMRC had made an agreement with the employees, under which employees were asked to pay salaries on an increased pay scale, but It did not happen. In protest, an employee, inverted, was terminated. Anil Mahto claims that chargesheets have been given in the operation control room for accusations of photographs. It is alleged that many employees were given negative points and some were given notice.
Delhi Metro does not relieve the Supreme Court

In the media reports, Anil Mahato has alleged that the examination papers for the joining in the DMRC are leaked, it is done by the big officials here. Council claims that the Vigilance Department is investigating this matter on their complaint.

The demands will be returned only if the demands are accepted.
The employees of DMRC are demanding that their salaries increase. Under the agreement of May 29, 2015, employees get equal pay.

Let's get Vinod Shah removed after 12 years of service.
The chargesheet given to Anil Mahato and Council Member Ravi Bhardwaj will be abolished.
The employees who have been given negative marking should be positive.
The CBI inquiry of the question paper leak case of jobs is done.
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What is said DMRC officials: Delhi Metro spokesman Anuj Dayal says that the demand for increase in salaries of employees has been handed over to the HR department. It also said that the government has accepted the recommendations of the Third Pay Commission. Orders can be issued soon, so the issue of salaries will be resolved soon. Although he said the action taken on the staff related to indiscipline, there is no question of taking a decision on this.

It is known that on Friday the employees were protested on 7 metro stations including Badarpur, University, Qutab Minar, Shahdara. About 300 metro trains run in Delhi NCR About 30 to 3.5 million passengers travel daily.

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