Tomato prices are upset it's news of your work

          Tomato prices are upset, it's news of your work

Tomato prices are upset, it's news of your work
Tomato prices are upset, it's news of your work


  New Delhi: Along with Delhi and around, tomato prices have increased in many parts of the country and the common man is very upset. Due to increasing supply from southern and other producing states, tomato prices will come down in the next 15 days. A senior official of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has expressed this opinion. At this time tomato has reached a height of 100 rupees per kg. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, in most parts of the country tomato has reached the sky more than a month. At many places, the retail price of tomatoes is going up at around Rs 100 per kg.

According to the data of the metropolis according to the data of the Ministry till June 29, in Delhi, it is 92 rupees per kg. Kolkata is priced at Rs 95, Mumbai Rs 80 and Chennai 55 rupees per kg. In other cities, it had touched Rs 95 in Lucknow, Bhopal and Rs 90 in Thiruvananthapuram, Rs 65 in Ahmedabad, 60 in Jaipur, 60 in Patna and 55 rupees per kg in Hyderabad. Tomatoes are also selling very expensive in producing areas. It is sold in Shimla for 83 rupees and in Bengaluru 75 rupees for Kg. Depending on the variety and quality, its prices may vary.

ICAR Deputy Director General (Horticulture) AK Singh said, "I personally assess that the supply of tomatoes will come down in the next 15 days from the supply of the southern states and other productive areas." Supply from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and even Maharashtra will improve and the pressure on prices will be reduced. Singh said that due to heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and other producing states, there has been some damage to the tomato crop. At the same time due to transport related issues, the harvested crop is also facing difficulties in the market. He said that besides the cost of procuring the produce in the mandis, the cost is also increasing as it is taking longer than normal due to rain and flood.
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Ashok Kaushik of Delhi's Tomato Merchant Association (Azadpur Mandi) said that the cost of transport has increased due to the need for more time. The supply is expected to improve in the next two weeks. In the crop year 2016-17 (July to June), the government has estimated the total tomato production in the country is 15% higher ie 187 lakh tonnes. But there is a possibility that after analyzing the current loss these figures will be amended.

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