Viral Hepatitis A Critical Problems Learn Because of It

       Viral Hepatitis A Critical Problems Learn Because of It Symptoms and Salvage Remedies

Viral Hepatitis A Critical Problems, Learn Because of It, Symptoms and Salvage Remedies
Viral Hepatitis A Critical Problems, Learn Because of It, Symptoms and Salvage Remedies

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  Viral hepatitis B is a serious problem in the country. About 40 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis B and C. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) says that 40 million people in India have been infected with hepatitis B for long and the number of Indians suffering from hepatitis C can be between six and 12 lakhs. In the most severe cases of liver failure, hepatitis E virus (heavyweight) can be attributed. Approximately 90 percent of people with hepatitis C can be treated with cure.

Dr. K.K., Chairman, IMA Agarwal said, "Hepatitis A virus is the most common cause of acute viral hepatitis after hepatitis B virus. In some activities, such as making tattoo or knowingly having infected injections or having too many sex partners, hepatitis The risk of developing is increased. "

Dr. Agarwal said, "The liver is an important organ, which helps in fighting protein nutrients and infections, when the liver gets swollen or it gets damaged, then its function may be affected. Hepatitis B Can also be transmitted by the pharmaceuticals such as glucose measurements, multi-dose drug vials, jet gun injections from finger-stick devices used to obtain blood Shutter and Accessories. "

He said, "Hepatitis B is 10 times more infectious than HIV-HCV and 50-100 times more infectious than HIV. HBV can survive in the drip for seven days and is capable of producing infection, for this reason Hepatitis B is diagnosed with HIV More dangerous infections are considered. "

Dr. Agrawal said, "Symptoms of acute viral hepatitis include symptoms such as fatigue, flu, dark color urine, light colored fever, fever and jaundice etc. However, acute viral hepatitis can also occur with fewer symptoms and Often, acute viral hepatitis can cause massive liver failure.

He said that the initial treatment for acute viral hepatitis is important in relieving symptoms of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. It is better to stop the medication if the medication starts to show any symptoms in the patient. The impaired liver does not normally recover from medicines.

Measures to prevent hepatitis: -

Take vaccine: Hepatitis A and B vaccines are very effective and should be treated separately by injection. It is better to consult your doctor and to vaccinate on time to avoid any infection.

Habit scrub: Ensure that everyone in the family after washing the bathroom (or changing diapers) and washed their hands before eating.

Avoid any other blood contact: Any contact of the blood can transmit hepatitis B and C. So if you come in contact with it, then wash hands well.

Beware of tattoos: Get rid of tattoos by a licensed professional. Fear of getting hepatitis from needles and tattoos.

Safe Sex: Use the appropriate contraceptive option. The risk of hepatitis infection increases when sexual partner is high.

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