Friendship Day 2017: The story is about fight-fighting friendship ...


       Friendship Day 2017: The story is about fight-fighting friendship ...

Friendship Day 2017: The story is about fight-fighting friendship ...
Friendship Day 2017: The story is about fight-fighting friendship ...


  Whenever it comes to friendship, then everyone's heart blossoms. They say that not all of the relationships come from birth only, there is only one relationship which we make ourselves. So this relationship is the most exotic in the world. In love as much as the love happens, the same quarrel. So why do not you fight this friendship fight on Friendship Day today but put a look at the love form ...

'Man Kumar is very worthless, I do not understand anything, he always keeps on running his own. He feels that he is right. I will never talk to him. '

These or similar complaints often fall into the ears. But after a few days, both hands are seen roaming around the shoulder. There is no pretense behind this, but there is deep friendship! Such friendship, which you can not even break if you want to break a friendship. But still most of his time passes in battle. Such a fight is a special report on the feuding friendship.

One heart two brain
There is a reason for this between you and me, I have a heart-mine. Yes yes, heart is mixed but what about mind? He thinks differently. The one thing that seems right, the other is wrong. In this case, both fight against right wrong. To reconcile such friends, other friends need cooperation, who can talk to them.

Why are you troubled
Often the cause of the fight between two friends is the problem of one, which makes a lot of difference to others, why it is so disturbing. He also tries to explain it, but when there is no effect of explaining it, then what happens to the other's mercury goes to the seventh heaven. And he listens as to why he has become so upset with that little thing. Such a situation often comes between those friends, one of which is very high, yet he loves the other very much.

For the sake of
The biggest partner of this conflict is love. Where there is love, there arises conflict; this dispute often takes very serious forms. But somewhere in the mind, the love of love adds two friends again. Such friends fight very loudly So much so that even standing people also start seeing them. But as soon as they say sorry to each other, the matter becomes like before.

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A great reason
When lover comes in between friends, even then you, me, I Many times, the complaint begins that 'you do not have time for me', 'we are talking about him' etc. and so on. There is an increase in this problem when one person has love, but the other is 'Nihattha'. Such as the Prablm the "Have Not" in, but that lover who has "Hev'ha means he is literally the heart and Have Not. In such a case, both of them should keep an eye on each other's filings so that they do not leave the other one alone.

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