IT return will be open on Saturday, Saturday, 2016-17


       IT return will be open on Saturday, Saturday, 2016-17

IT return will be open on Saturday, Saturday, 2016-17
IT return will be open on Saturday, Saturday, 2016-17


  Saturday, August 5 is the last day of filing income tax returns. Usually there is a holiday in many government offices on Saturday. But due to the last day of filing returns, the government has ordered to keep the office open on Saturday. CBDT has ordered all its officers in this regard.

The filing of Income Tax Return File (ITR) was on the last day of July 31, but the government had increased the date. The government had given the last date for filing the return on August 5. Earlier it was said that this date would not increase. On 31st July, the last day of filing income tax was there but there were many problems in filing an online return to the people. Let us know that in the last few days people had to face difficulties in filling ITR.

It has been reported that those filing of online returns had to face difficulties due to the income tax department's servers being overloaded, hence this date was extended. It is worth mentioning that first reported that income tax returns made by the Income Tax website for filing income tax return online had stopped working on Saturday evening and were closed for a few hours. The site was later fixed, and the taxpayer was able to file the return.

Let us say that on July 31 every year, income tax is done on the last day, but it has been observed that the government extends this date on the last occasion. It is 31 July ie 12 o'clock tonight if the government does not announce the extension of the date.

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For the assessment year 2017-18, those who want to file returns should file it in due course. "The last date for filing income-tax returns is July 31," a news agency quoted a senior official as saying. There is no proposal to increase it. The Department has already filed more than 200 million returns in electronic form. The department has appealed to the taxpayers to file returns on time.

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By the way, there were reports of some problems coming to the website of e-filing on July 30. On this, the official said that there was no major disturbance on the department's website, for some time only the disruption was noticed due to maintenance.

No Aadhar number and PAN number? Government relief
As a necessary information, please inform you that due to lack of Aadhaar number and PAN number link, the government has given relief to the people who were facing trouble due to filing income tax return. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has started accepting the ITR without any basis and PAN links. Many people were having problems linking pan and base, such as name, date of birth and non-receipt of gender. However people need to mention their base number in ITR.

The income tax exemption limit for the financial year 2016-17 is Rs 2.5 lakh for men and women below the age of 60 years. For the elderly 60 years or more, this limit is Rs. 3 lakhs, whereas income of Rs. 5 lakhs for the elderly of 80 years and above is exempt from income tax. In such a case, file the ITR during the time keeping the slab in mind, according to its income.

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