10 great things about great mathematician Ramanujan

10 great things about great mathematician Ramanujan
10 great things about great mathematician Ramanujan

New Delhi: Today is the birth day of great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. This day is celebrated as National Mathematical Day. Ramanujan, born in a very simple family, did what he could hardly do. Ramanujan, who wrote the thesis of Maths at an extremely young age, is not just for India but for the whole world. He gave such mathematical principles that could not be resolved till date. Their formulas proved to be helpful in many scientific discoveries. Many of his writings have been proven, but so far it is not understood how he thought about such complex formulas. Here, we are telling you about 10 such things related to Ramanujan's life, after knowing who you are, your sewa will be proudly expanded:

'Great mathematician Ramanujan is a symbol of the talent of Indians'

1. The great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22nd December 1887 in a Brahmin family of Erode village in Coimbatore. His mother's name was Komalathammal and the father's name was Srinivas Ayyangar. After his birth, the entire family settled in Kumbakonam, where the father Srinivas started working in a clothes shop.

2. Initially Ramanujan was like normal children. Even till the age of three, he did not even begin to speak. If you were admitted to the school, then you did not even have the ginger-tone of teaching. Yes, it is another matter that at the age of 10, he topped the whole district in primary exam. At the age of 15, he had completely lost his old book titled 'A sinopisas of elemental results in pure and applied mathematics'. There were thousands of Theoroms in this book. It was the result of his talent that he got scholarships for further studies.

3. Ramanujan's mind was just in Maths. They did not pay attention to other subjects. Consequently, he had to lose his first government college and later the scholarship of the University of Madras. In spite of all this, his attachment to Maths has not diminished. In 1911 a 17-page paper was published in the Journal of Indian Mathematical Society, based on Barnauli numbers. Ramanujan started working as a clerk in the Madras Port Trust in 1912, but by then his identity began to become a brilliant mathematician.

During this time, Ramanujan started to learn about the work of world famous British mathematician GH Hardy. In 1913, Ramanujan sent his hard work letter to Hardy. In the beginning, Hardy took his letters as a joke, but soon he picked up his talent. What then was Hardy helped Ramanujan get first scholarship in Madras University and then in Cambridge. Hardy called Ramanujan to Cambridge near him. In the company of Hardy, Ramanujan published 20 research papers of his own. In 1916 Ramanujan got a Bachelor of Science degree from Cambridge and in 1918 he became a member of the Royal Society of London.

5. India was stuck in slavery chains and at that time it was a big thing for an Indian to get the membership of the Royal Society. There is no member of Ramanujan younger age in entire history of the Royal Society. After the membership of the Royal Society, he became the first Indian to receive Fellowship of Trinity College.

6. Ramanujan was working hard. The UK's cold and humid weather did not suit them. He became TB in 1917. After a slight improvement in health, in 1919, his condition worsened very much and he returned to India. On April 26, 1920, he died at the very young age of 32 years. In the condition of illness, he did not even break his relationship with Maths. Laying down on the bed they kept writing the Theorum. On asking, Thoram came to the dream

7. There are a number of thoroms made by Ramanujan that are not less than any puzzle. An old register of them was found in the Library of Trinity College in 1976, which included Theoram and several Formulas. The registrar's thesis has not been solved till date. This register is known as Ramanujan's Note Book.

8. Ramanujan had immense faith in God. When he was asked about the origin of the mathematical formula, he used to say that the formula was cleared by the grace of goddess goddess Namagiri Devi. They used to say, 'for me, there is no point in mathematical formula that I do not get spiritual ideas.'

9. Ramanujan biography 'The Man Who New Infinity' was published in 1991. Ramanujan has also become a movie by the same name. Actor Dev Patel plays Ramanujan in this movie.

10. Ramanujan is an inspiration not only for Indians but also for foreign mathematicians.

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