About the Padmavati Movie the army is still tired the censor board has given it

  About the 'Padmavati Movie', the army is still tired, the censor board has given it

On the media report about the suggestion of the Central Board of Film Certification regarding Sanjay Leela Bhansali's controversial film Padmavati, Rajput Karan, the convener of the army's convener Lokendra Singh Kalvi, is still tired. He said, there are so many explanations still coming, it is too early to say anything about this. 

My direction is clear, it all knows. On the other hand, Rajasthan Rajput Sabha chairman Girraj Singh Lotwada said that the censor board wants to help the filmmakers by not giving special recommendation to the committee. This is the misfortune of the country. We will continue to oppose the democratically controversial film Padmavati.

Censor Board wants to get Padmavati Padmavat

Kalvi and Lotwada have given an initial response while talking to a news agency. Kalvi said that the film was to see the committee of nine people, but only three members have seen the film, what the three members recommended, it is not in front. It is too early to say anything about this, although the path I went on is still on the same path. Lotwada said that the committee which formed the committee to review the controversial film Padmavati, is making adverse recommendations on the committee, then why did the Board not show twenty-six scenes in the film and suggest the change of name of the film? is.

He said that the board should be transparent and should think it in the interest of the nation. The Board is not accepting the recommendation of its committee constituted, then why the committee was formed. Our democracy will continue to protest. What will be the next strategy, it will be decided after the conversation. Mewar Rajharana member of the party, Targetraj Mewar said that Padmavati has recently received information from the media only, till the whole situation is not revealed, it will not be right to say anything.

Let us say that the demand for a ban on the controversial film Padmavati has been demonstrated all over the country in the last days. After which the BJP-ruled territories banned the performance of Padmavati in view of the ongoing protest.

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