Andhra Pradesh prohibits ban on new year celebrations in temples

Andhra Pradesh prohibits ban on new year celebrations in temples, it is not part of Hindu culture.

Amravati: 2018 is on the way and preparations for the new year's reception across the country are going on loudly. But Andhra Pradesh has not sanctioned it, then it has banned the celebration of New Year in all the temples across the state. Religious matters related to religious affairs in the state have refused to celebrate the New Year from the temples of Andhra Pradesh. The department says that this is not a part of Indian Vedic culture.

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Hindu Dharma Conservation (HDPT), which came under the department of religion, has issued circular in this matter, referring to the directive of the Commissioner of Youth Affairs, YU Anuradha.

HDPT Secretary C. Vijay Raghawarayulu said in the circular: "It is not a part of Indian culture to celebrate on January one and celebrate it like a festival. It is only right and the best culture to celebrate Urgadi (New Year's Day in Telugu). ' The circular says, "Though India got freedom only 70 years ago, but we are still accepting the Gregorian calendar of the British. By ignoring Western culture, ignoring the Indian culture, millions of rupees are spent on decorating the temples on January 1.

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The trust's secretary said, 'Therefore, on January 1, the temples should not be decorated with light and flowers and no celebration should be made.' Let us tell you that most of the temples of Andhra Pradesh organize special pooja and darshan on January 1, and there is a general point of view here.

Donation of one crore rupees given by a devotee to Tirumala Tirupati temple

On this day a large number of pilgrims visit Tirumala, Kanak Durga (Vijayawada), Lord Shiva (Srisailam) in the temples and worship them. In Andhra Pradesh's largest temple Tirumala, this day is particularly crowded. There are many devotees who come here to visit Lord Venkateswara.

However sources of the Charity Department have said that this order will not be applicable to the Tirumala temple because it is an independent establishment.

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