Before eating apples, it can be careful

Before eating apples, it can be careful, negligence, killer

 It is said that the person who eats an apple every day, never comes to the doctor. Doctors also say that apple must definitely eat. To remove the weakness after fever, it is advisable to eat apple too. But a shocking thing has come out about this fruit. It is being said that caution must be carefully removed before applying the apple, as it becomes poisonous when it goes inside the stomach and can be known by it.

Experts say that the seed contains an element called Amigarrglin which starts making sainaide as it comes in contact with enzymes found inside the stomach. However it is not necessary that this be done. But if ever a cyanide is formed then it can make a person sick, even death.

Tell you that cyanide is by far the most deadly poison. Potassium cyanide has not been able to tell any taste till date. Amiglinalin is found in many fruit seeds, although it is less susceptible to fatalities. Nevertheless, we should not take any kind of carelessness. Now if you ever have an apple or some fruit that contains small seeds, then definitely remove them properly.

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