Celebrating New Year on the coast of Goa

Celebrating New Year on the coast of Goa, a large number of tourists arrive

Panaji: Goa's 105-km-long coastal area has become drenched in the color of the party since Friday night. More tourists have arrived here this year to celebrate the new year. The shores of the sea are already littered with tourists.

Officials of the Casinos told that the number of people coming to Kaseen has increased by 40 per cent compared to the previous year. Although the new year is just a day's time, the tourists have been busy making party on the shores of the sea. Most of these tourists are Indians.

Tourism Minister Manohar Ajangovkar termed the number of tourists coming to Goa as "magnificent". He said, "We are happy with the arrival of tourists and all arrangements have been made to ensure the celebration of the celebration of the New Year in a safe and joyful manner." Specially, the electronic dance music (EDM) Have benefited from.

Srinivas Nayak, director of Casino Pride Group, said, "The number of people has increased by about 40 percent since December 24. It is because of the EDM festival that attracted the crowd. "He said that last year the ban on filing of the New Year had been disturbed, but this time there is no effect of the ban on bondage.

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