Censor Board creates 6 members on 'Padmavati' controversy

Censor Board creates 6 members on 'Padmavati' controversy, know what is the whole case

 For the review of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) film 'Padmavati' a committee of historians and former royals has been constituted. There will be 6 members in it. All the members will decide on the film whether Padmavati will be released or not. This film is likely to be released by March next year. The sources in the certification board said that the makers of 'Padmavati' complained the case in vain by putting an unclear claim with their application sent for certification of the film. In the application, he wrote that the film is partly based on historical facts.

Let us know that due to the controversy, the film 'Padmavati', which was released on December 1, was postponed. According to a news agency source, now the material should be scrutinized for authenticity. The film was sent back to the first producers, because they left that column blank, in which it was to write that the film was fictional or based on historical facts.

The source told that the CBFC said that 'Padmavati' can be certified in January only because December is almost passing. Before 'Padmavati' there are at least 40 feature films in different languages ​​in line. The source said that due to the last month of the year some board members are on leave and some others are sick.

The source said that the film is likely to be certified in the second week of January. I do not think they will be able to release the movie before March or April. This will also happen when the CBFC certifies the film without any objection. Just before the elections of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, Rajput organizations on the Padmavati had accelerated the agitation against it. Seeing the possibility of getting Rajput votes by raising this issue, the BJP also jumped into this movement. The BJP, however, claims itself not to be a caste politics.

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