Do not forget about your partner while quarreling, say these 7 things

Short talk or sometimes big battle, these things are inevitable and natural in any relationship. After spending some time with partner, you get an idea of ​​what is right to say during the quarrel and what is not to say at all. It is very easy to say bitter things in the fight, but just think that how would you feel if you had gone somewhere? Here we are telling you about a few things that you should not say to your partner even while fighting:

1. 'You are not of any use'
In the relationship, if you get into such points where you begin to insulate your partner, just take care of it. This is the time when you should stop a little bit and breathe deeply and think about dealing with the situation, not just about spoiling it, but not about spoiling it. It does not matter whether you believe that it is okay to be all along with the front or not. Just be aware that such a bitter thing is to speak so that your partner may badly break or suffocate self. Who will decide who is fine to insulin? Whatever may be a big conflict, it is always necessary for each other to have a rescind.

2. 'We should get a break up'
When the heart hurts, many things are moving in your mind, and taking any major decision during this time will always be proved wrong. If you are thinking that in which direction the relationship is going, then it is unwise to talk about break-ups in the middle of the fight. Remember that talking about this kind of break-up will end your relationship forever. Your partner will also not trust you because it will make him feel that you are one of those who are part of the race when there is some difficulty.

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3. 'You always do this'
So, the issue of dispute is different every time. It is very wrong to sit on old things during the quarrels. It is also the biggest sign of stupidity to argue again on those things that you have already settled. Remember, if your motive is to settle the dispute and move ahead, then by notting anything out of the way like this, you will not get anything.

4. 'You will not understand'
To say this kind of thing means that you are totally denying the existence of your partner and making them realize that they are not of any use. During the dispute, you will not understand / understand, you will force your partner to accept defeat without trying.

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5. 'Why are you making a statement about this?'
If you do not take the feelings of your partner seriously, then you feel that you are not trying to understand them. At the same time the partner also thinks that it is not right to express or feel emotion in this way. But remember that in any relationship even if they are very casual, they all have the right to be unhappy. If you feel that the reason for their crying is not large, at least you should listen to them. Many times your partner just wants you to listen to him. In such a situation, try to see things from partner's perspective by keeping aside their opinions. This will help in solving this matter.

6. 'There is no use to talking to you'
If you say something like this then remember that you are turning your face away from the conversation and not the person. Yes, it is a different matter that some people are stubborn and it is difficult to explain them, but you should work patiently. Because the truth is that you and your partner are fighting each other and in such a situation, the issue can be resolved only when you talk.

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7. 'Why do not you go back to your X?'
Talking about old relationships during the dispute is completely wrong. The talk of this kind of talk will go into any other direction and instead of getting solution, the matter will be out of hand. Do yourself favors and do not even forget about x girlfriend or boyfriend at the time of quarrels.

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