drinking empty stomach tea are these 4 disadvantages

Bad T's bad effects also, drinking empty stomach tea are these 4 disadvantages

Tea, a drink with its smell, most homes are in the morning. There will hardly be a home where tea is not made or breakfast without tea. Some people are so accustomed to tea that they drink tea many times a day. So some can not rise without a t-b Bed t is broad for your health in many ways. Tea contains many types of acids. By drinking empty stomach tea, you directly harm your stomach. It is likely to cause ulcers or gas problems. A Look at Bad T's Bad Effects-

1. If you are one of those who drink more tea with milk and think that along with milk in your body, then wait a little ... Drinking empty tea with excess milk, feels fatigue. Another thing that you should know is that the effect of the antioxidant is eliminated as soon as the milk gets milk.

2 . Now if you are happy to think that you drink a low-fat strawberry tea. So this is also harmful to you. Strict tea damages the digestive system and it can give you many problems related to the stomach.

3. If you are happy to think that you drink after drinking tea, even then its losses do not decrease. We all know that tea contains tannins. Which can react with iron present in the diet. Therefore drinking tea after eating can destroy your food nutrients.

4. If you drink tea four to five times a day, then reverse your habit. The habit of drinking too much hot tea is also not good. This increases the risk of food pipe or throat cancer.

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