Facebook said, "We are not taking information of the base"

Facebook said, "We are not taking information of the base"

Social Media Network Facebook clarified Thursday (December 28) that there is no plan to demand the base number of its users and neither is it adding the account to the base on its platform. The company has given this explanation in response to the media reports which indicate that Facebook is doing a test in which it has sought information from the users on their basis while logging into the Facebook account.

Facebook has clarified that this experiment has now been completed, as an additional message is given to the users that if they use their base name they will help their families and friends recognize them. The company has written in a blog post, "We are not taking the information of the base nor people will need to enter the base name while signing up on Facebook." According to the company, the purpose of this test was to explain to the users That they create an account with the real name

This move of Facebook is being seen as an attempt to reinforce the increasing number of fake accounts on this forum. Facebook has not commented on this though. More than 24 million people use Facebook in India. Aadhaar number has been released to 119 crore people in the country.

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