Indian carriers will have more than 900 aircraft in their fleet next year

New Delhi: Considering the escalation in the aviation sector, Indian aviation companies can add over 900 planes in their fleet in the coming years. IndiGo's highest number of 448 aircraft is expected to be included in its fleet. This information has been received from official data. India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world, and most companies have gotten up to expand in this market. Their focus is especially in operation on regional routes.

According to the data available with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, companies providing affordable air services are ready to increase Indigo, SpiceJet, GoAir and Air Asia to increase their fleet. The number of planes to be added by domestic companies with other companies will be more than 900. In the next seven to eight years of Indigo, there are plans to include 448 aircraft in its fleet, including 399 A-320S and 49 ATR aircraft. Currently he has 150 aircraft.

At the same time, SpiceJet is also in the process of increasing its fleet. It will add 101 B737-800s and 50 Bomberders Q-400S aircraft to its fleet during 20018-23. Similarly, Go-Air will include 119 A320 planes between 2018 and 2022. According to statistics, Air Asia will add 60 aircraft in its fleet in the next five years.

Recently this figure was introduced in the Parliament as part of the written reply given in the Lok Sabha. During Jet Airways 2018-24 81 B737-800 Max aircraft will be included in its fleet. With this, the five B737-800s aircraft will also be included in the current financial year. There is a plan to include the three B777-300ER and 16A 320 aircraft of the government company Air India.

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