MA degree in the age of 98 years, such examination passed

MA degree in the age of 98 years, such examination passed

It is said that there is no age for reading, when anybody can start learning again. Rajkumar Vaish, a resident of Patna in Bihar, has shown this fact to be true. Usually you would have heard the degree of MA degree at the age of 25 or 26, but Rajkumar got this title at the age of 98. Vaishya has obtained a MA (Economics) degree from Nalanda Open University. On the occasion of the 12th convocation of the University, Raj Kumar Vaishh was given the degree of MA degree.

Admission taken in 2015
Meghalaya Governor Ganga Prasad honored Vaish with a degree in Economics at the convocation ceremony held in Patna. Please tell that Vaish has taken admission in MA (economics) in 2015 and passed his examination in second class. However, Vaish took his degree in graduation in 1938.

Hard work for master's degree
After getting his degree, Vaish said, "I am very happy to get my degree today because I worked hard for it." He said that for a long time I wanted to complete my master's degree, then I took admission in 2015 for the masters. The 98-year-old Vaish has also taught young people on this occasion that they should not only focus on their education but also their education.

NOO registrar SP Sinha said that a total of 22,100 students were given degrees of different toxicities this year. Vaishya was included in 2780 students including 29 gold medal winners who were called in the convocation.

Born on April 1 in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, Vaish passed the graduation examination from Agra University in 1938 and got a degree in law in 1940. But due to family zamindari he could not take admission in MA. He lived with his wife in Bareilly earlier, but later went to Patna.

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