Mahindra will soon launch the new SUV S201 in India


Mahindra will not launch New Sangyang Tivoli in India, whose information we have already given you. Instead, the company is going to be launching a brand new SUV, which will be based on Sangyang Tivoli. The company has given this car the Mahindra S201 encoding and this SUV recently got spot in India during the testing. Even before this car has been spotted several times, but this time the SUV was captured in the camera during the testing near Chennai with production Ready Telelamps. It is believed that this is Mahindra's last test phase and the company has almost completed its production.

Looking at the image of the car behind the spot during the test, it shows that the best tailor-made LED telescopes have been found in it. The viper is also installed on the rear windshield of this subcompact SUV in the front photo. Along with this, plastic cladding has been installed on the rear bumper of the car. The car was completely covered with the Kemuhflag stickers, so much information was not available about its style and design. On the basis of some old photographs of the car, we can say that the Mahindra S201 will not be a sub-4 meter SUV but also the size of Sangyang Tivoli. Previously, the photo of the star-shaped Dual-5 spoke alloy wheels in the car was also seen in the front photo.

It is difficult to say anything about the front of Mahindra S201, but according to Mahindra's car design, this car can be launched in a dual-tone color with a chrome grill, strong bumper and more plastic cladding. In-car projector headlamps with LED dataim running lights, turn off signal lights with electric OVRM and new alloy wheels can be given. In the Mahindra S201, 1.6-liter diesel can be given and the company can also make it available with a 1.5-liter petrol engine. Explain that the company is still working on a 1.5-liter petrol engine. Mahindra can also offer automatic transmission with this 5-speed manual gearbox in this car.

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