New technique for hernia surgery, low cost and small cuts will be surgery

Manish Kumar Gupta, a physician working at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the national capital, has found new technology for hernia surgery. This technique is not only affordable, but can be done by making 3-hole 3-hole only. So far, more than 100 surgeries have been done with the help of this technique. Dr. Manish has named this new technique of surgery as '555 Manish Technik'. He told that first open surgery was done for the surgery of Groen hernia. Later, laparoscopy, i.e., was started with the help of binoculars. In the surgery to be done so far, wide Hassan was used to truncate hernia. For Hassan Trocar, a cut of 1.5 to 2 centimeters was used under the navel.

Dr. Manish said that due to the large incision, the tissues have more harm. As the incision is larger, the risk of infection is high. Due to the large incision, the patient gets more pain and there is a bigger sign below the navel.

He said that physician Manish has made a 2-mm syringe from the syringe, with the help of 5 mm of incision, it is possible to put 5 mm troker in the surface of the stomach. The surgeon reaches the surgery point in only two minutes.

He informed that this new technique is successful in groin hernia with 3 five MM holes. Manish has also introduced the technique of inserting mesh (forged) from a 5 mm troker, which reduces the hernia recurrence by less than 1 percent.

In this process, stitches are not required to stomach in the wall of the stomach, while straining in the inner wall of the stomach due to the holes of Hassan Troccar in the old process. Applying small incisions in this new technique reduces pain. The risk of infection is low and the trail is too small, which is suitable for women.

This technique has been accepted by practitioners around the world and they will also adopt this technique. The doctor said that hernia is of several types. Out of this, there is 50 preset grin hernia, which is made in pocket area. For this, surgeries are performed by piercing under the navel. With this technique, surgery has become quite simple and easy.

In the old technique a hole of 12 mm was used and then two to 5 mm holes were made. Hassan Trocar, which is used till now, takes 8 to 10 minutes to reach the surgery point and it is not possible to see the track of Trocar.

In the new technology, only three holes of 5 mm are made. It has been named 555 Manish tech. In this, the surgeon can see the track inside. With this technique the surgeon reaches the surgery point in only two minutes.

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