Padmavat movie these 5 changes

For the release of CBFC in the mood of passing the film 'Padmavati' in the name of 'Padmavat', these 5 changes

A six-member committee of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on December 28 held a meeting after watching and reviewing the film Padmavati. In this meeting, everyone has decided that there will be some changes in the film for the UA certificate. Apart from this, the most important change is the film's name, Padmavati. According to the news agency ANI, there is a possibility that changes in the movie title can also be made. The name of the movie can be changed from Padmavati to 'Padmavat'. After the necessary changes, the film will be given the certificate. CBFC says that keeping the film in mind both the makers and the society, this film is made from a balanced viewpoint.

Censor Board calls historians of Jaipur to watch 'Padmavati' movie

The censor board i.e. CBFC said that keeping in mind the number of disputes that were going on in the film, we formed a 6-member panel to reach a successful solution. Earlier, it was reported in the media that the board had said that 26 cots have been set to pass this film, but this has been rejected by the director of Censor Board Prasun Joshi himself.

Prasun Joshi has said in clear words that suggestions of any kind have not been given on behalf of the censor board regarding this film. However, five changes in this movie have been said definitely. Apart from this, the reports are being believed that film makers, producers and directors agree on the proposal for these changes.

Well, to take this film censor board's pass certificate, five changes will be made within the film.

These are those five modifications:

1. The film will have to make changes to Dixlemmer and it must be clearly written that it does not claim any kind of historical facts.

2. The name of the film has to be changed slightly and Padmavati will be kept in Padmav. Because the filmmaker has made it clear that his film is not a movie on the historical fact, but rather based on Padmavat poetry.

3. There is also a need to amend the ghoomar song depiction.

4. There is a need to modify the wrong or misleading context of the historical sites.

5. In the disclaimer, it should be added that Sati practice is not mentioned in the film and neither does glorification.

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