Pregnancy will not stop but you will be surprised to know the features of this 'condom'

Pregnancy will not stop but you will be surprised to know the features of this 'condom'

You see the benefits of condom advertising and its use in daily banner-posters from TVs and newspapers. Every company calculates the merits of their own product, but this time a condom has come in the market which is totally different. This condom will not help in preventing pregnancy but its strengths will make you enthralled. In such a situation, you may be thinking that if the pregnancy does not stop by this condom, then what will be the benefit of it?

Tells how many calories burned
In fact, 'smart condom' collects intimate data to impress the user's sex life. This 'smart condom' introduced with the name 'i.con' will give you the results of your physical relationship during your physical connection. Actually this is a gadget, it is considered a game changing device in the tech market. If you use it when your partner is intimate, then with this device, you will know how many calories burned during the connection.

Will connect to mobile via app
Apart from this, this figure will be shown on mobile that how much speed you have been during this time, how long did you do the intercourse and what position did you do? Let us know that this is a ringing device, which the company named 'smart condom'. During the physical connection, it will have to wear the male on his private part and it will connect to the mobile through an app.

Get real time data
This will give you real time data during the intercourse. The condom maker claims that with this you will know your results and also know where your performance is not better. Although this is your private mater and you can be uncomfortable sharing it.

Will start from January
A spokesman for the British company who created the i.con said that its cell will be launched in January 2018 and so far about 9, 00,000 people have shown their interest in this gadget. If it's worth it, then it will get 59.99 euros (about Rs 4581). A company spokesman said that this is the next step of Weirdable Technology.

Will do such work
Smart condom has a nano chip and bluetooth. Through Bluetooth, it will connect real-time data to the app installed in your mobile. To use the device, it has to be connected to the mobile through Bluetooth, wearing it in a private part. This waterproof device is light in weight and it's like a rubber ring in size.

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