These 5 food will increase the lucrative of the New Year party

Everyone will say wow!

New Year's party and if you are planning to do some special plans at home, then you are in the right place. Because if the party is a party of New Year then it will not work only due to the deliciousness of the food, but you have to make that food something that will see any water in the mouth. These trendy foods from our list for New Years believe that your loved ones will not just like it but they will all be appreciated.

Rainbow Food
These days, grilled cheese sandwiches are available from the cottage to cottage cheese. Either fill your breakfasts with colorful fruits, cereals and vegetables, or with the help of food color, let it touch the rainbow, the festivities of serving the food can be freshened to anyone's mood, smile on the face. Now, not only to decorate the cake, but also the sushi, pasta etc. are being presented with this concept in mind. So if you have to start a new year's colorful color then use a colorful cheese instead of sandwich or plain cheese.

Mashup Food
Cosmopolitan civilization has a deep impression on our diet. A dish is insulated from a cube of another country and the trend of making a new dish is called food mashup. There are many restaurants and food trucks where a dish, spices or ingredient from different countries is added to make a new dish.

Galaxy Desert
Decorate the moon-stars in your plate in the new year, follow the concept of Galaxy Desert to serve the dish. Sweet items like cake, donut, candy etc. are decorated with solar motif design. Obviously, instead of donating chocolate regularly donuts, if you serve a donut with a Galaxy Look, it will not only enhance the beauty of your counter, but it will also appeal to the children as well.

Those who do not like sweet will also love these 'Azbo-poor' movements ...

Charcoal food
Whether to do detox or hangover, Charcoal is becoming quite popular in the US UK restaurants and bars. Charcoal powder is used in many dishes. Experts say that the activated charcoal absorbs the orange toxin present in the food, which makes the food healthier. The chef uses it to serve food as well. It is used in ice cream, macaroon, bread etc.

It is good for guests to serve boring shakes, prepare freakshake for them. In this, a mix of chocolate brownies, cookies, donuts is given in the millshake. Suppose these calories are loaded. But to welcome the new year will not work even with some sweet!

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