These 5 jobs will make you rich in the new year

New Delhi: If you have to do a job in the new year that makes you look rich when you see it, then you have a better option for these 5 jobs. According to experts, the probability of growth in these jobs next year is most likely. In such a situation, there may be a thick package offer for those in the field. Let's know who are these jobs and how are they in the possibilities .....

Marketing professional
There is a possibility of getting many better options in this area in the new year. According to experts, many big companies in the country can give big salaries to such professionals who keep them ahead of others in the market. Companies can search for people who specialize in marketing research and product development. According to an estimate, salaries available in this area can increase by 30 to 35 percent compared to this year.

Charted accountant
Increasing scope of new companies and old companies, which are opening up in every sector, has not only increased the work of chartered accountants, but also increased their demand. This is the reason why with the demand of a chartered accountant in the new year, there is a possibility of an increase in the package available to them. Every major company is keeping a chartered accountant right here, which keeps its balance seal right.

IT & Software Engineer
In the field of software engineering, more development can be seen than in the last few years. With the increase in the area, there is also an increase in the salary of people working in this area. New companies opening in the country and many foreign companies coming to India's home market will increase demand for IT professionals. For this reason, salaries of those who work in this field next year can also be increased up to 30%.

Medical professional
This is an area with the maximum potential. In the coming year, the demand for medical professionals will also increase in other small towns and towns other than metros. Generally, people who work in this area are given a lot of salary. Even in the new year, there is hope for a substantial increase in their salaries.

In the field of teaching
Whether it is a school teacher or a professor who teaches in a college. In the new year, heavy recruitments can be made for vacancies in different universities and schools across the country.

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