These are 12 major advantages of eating dry dates

These are 12 major advantages of eating dates, diseases do not crack around

Palm trees have been cultivated for centuries. In particular, in the Middle East countries, dates have always been an important part of food. The specialty of date is that you can eat fresh and also dry it. The length of a date can range from three to seven centimeters. Where the baked date color is dark yellow and red, the dry dates are mostly brown. On the basis of sweeteners, the date is divided into three parts - soft dates, light dried dates and completely dried dates. Although these three types of dates are almost the same, but there may be a slight difference in taste and size.

dry dates

Knowing these advantages will make you crazy junkies

Dates is a fruit that is very good for your health. There are many nutrients found in it and it is believed that it can remove many diseases. Here we are telling you about such miraculous benefits of date:

1. Improve dihydration, ran away constipation
Dates contain plenty of fiber which is used to clean your digestive system. If the digestion is right then constipation will not be complained.


2. Heart-healthy people
Fibers present in the palm work to make your heart stronger and healthier. Dates also contain potassium which can prevent the risk of heart attack to a great extent.

world heart day 2017

3. Breathable with anti-inflammatory properties
Dangerous magnesium is found in the date. Magnesium has an anti-inflammatory property, which keeps diseases like heart disease (blood clotting etc.), arthritis and Alzheimer's away from you.

arthritis patients should eat healthy

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4. Blood pressure control
Magnesium also controls the control of blood pressure. Potassium present in the pot works to reduce blood pressure.

blood pressure

5. Will not get heart attack
According to a study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if a person takes 100 mg of magnesium in a day, then the risk of heart attack can be reduced by 9%.

heart attack

6. Effective in anemia
Due to red blood cells and iron deficiency, many people complain about anemia. Anemia means that the lack of blood in the body Iron is found in abundance in iron. In this case, it is a panacea for the treatment of anemia. Iron deficiency in the body is met by continuous consumption of dates.


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7. Nervous System Care
Dates contain all the vitamins necessary for the nervous system. These vitamins keep the functioning of the nervous system. Not only this, potassium present in it keeps the brain alert and healthy.

nervous system

8. Pregnant Women Beneficial
Iron-rich dates are very useful for both mother and child. Nutrients present in date also work to strengthen the uterus muscles. Dates also provide the necessary nutrients to the mother's milk. Also compensates for the bleeding that occurs after delivery of the baby.


9. Increased Sex Power
In some research it has been revealed that dates are effective in increasing sex power. Estradiol and Flavonoid are found in date which help in spreading the sperm count.


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10. Treatment of night blindness
By eating dates daily, not only are eyes healthy, but it is also effective in treating night blindness. To get rid of night blindness, putting a paste of dates and putting them around the eyes will help. If you want, you can also get rid of night blindness by eating dates.


11. Do not feel insects in teeth
Fluorine is found in date. It is a chemical that does not let the placenta remove the plaque from teeth and does not allow cavity. Not only this, it also strengthens the tooth enamel that means enamel.

white teeth

12. Suitable for skin and hair
Due to vitamin C retaining the flexibility of the skin, it softens it. Vitamin B5 in the date table is also effective in removing stretch marks. Not only this, it keeps hair healthy too. Deficiency of Vitamin B5 causes hair to weaken and it becomes weak.

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