These five memorable drama presentations of the year 2017

These five memorable drama presentations of the year 2017 were settled in the minds of the audience

 The year 2017 is passing and knocking the year 2018. This year, with the country-world as well as in the Capital Delhi, theater appearances came in front of the audience with diverse colors. Some memorable theatrical performances left the flag of success and left an indelible impression in the mind of observers.

We are here to tell you about the five plays which were highly appreciated in Delhi in 2017, by the audience and by the critics. If these plays are staged in your city in the coming year, then definitely see. Because the adventure to watch the play is different. There is no medium distance between viewers and actors in it. The viewer's kind of actor performs his presentation. This vividness makes drama special.

In the presentation of this play, there has been an attempt to fulfill the same scale of grandeur which was in the film. For this, director Feroz Abbas Khan has teamed up with actors, technicians, light designers, sound designers, choreographers who have made this world-class presentation together. The textile design is of Manish Malhotra which is suited to the drama's historicity.

 There is an engaging sound track, live music and a group of Kathak dancers who gives depth to the visual structure. There are arches surrounded on the platform, there are ups and downs, and there is a screen behind which the scenes are emerging, which easily change the stage in deserts, castles, prisoners, turret, orchards, jungle grounds. Even the scene of the Shish Mahal used in the cinema, which is still remembered by the audience, has been presented through excellent graphics projections and props. Sometimes it seems that you are watching 3-D movies, but the actor keeps the play and does not let the audience go to the cinema's hangover. The echoes of our time are also present in this play which makes the color experience even deeper with the grand.

bandish 20 2000htz play

Bandish 20-20,000 Hertz
Who should the artist be with - with the idea, with the person or with the art? How should he get out of all the pressure on his own? What are the struggles within an artist that can affect his art? What are the restrictions on art and how to overcome them? Through such a presentation on such a few questions, the director prur Rajesh presents his point of view. The changes in Hindustani music in the last decade and a half century, the position of artists and the question of inner politics and the restlessness emerge very subtly.

 In the presentation, we have also weaved fineness of contemporary with the past. In the play, the experience of singers has been introduced through the three generations of singing, which also brings the attitude of society towards art. The life of drama is acting and music that makes drama more literary than sceneside. Music composer Shubha Mudgal has done this.

outcast play

The narrative of the suffering and exploitation of the dalits is not unique, it has many layers. There are also categories within the Dalits. Many are such that this caste system is out of order. Their exploitation has different dimensions. Ragha Rapture Patna's Randhir directed painted presentation portrays many layers of social truth 'Outcast' harassment in front of the audience by exposing Sharan Kumar Lemonade's famous autobiography 'Akkarmashi'.

 In Akkarmashi, several episodes of Limbale's life are described in detail, where they bear the caste system. They repeatedly ask, where is their place in this system? Who are they? There are several levels of narrative given to present the story on stage. The story goes on one that is called all characters alternately. The story of their harassment from their activities, including story telling, continues to occur on the stage. The sensation of the story has been further thickened by music and the motion of the actors. Along with Marathi, folk songs of Bhojpuri have been used well.

nat samrat play alok chatarjee

This drama written by Viv Shirivardkar seems to be outdated and some anti-women, but the serious social truth hidden in this drama come into question in front of every generation. There are many levels in this story. An artist has his own life, which is unable to synergate between his roles and the reality of his roles. It is his own arrogance which is of an artist, which his children did not understand. The second level is of the family, in which the limit of the elderly has been fixed and then becomes a world of neglect, ridicule and suffering.

 Senior actor Alok Chatterjee played an unforgettable role in the Natrajrat. Director Jayant Deshmukh has given full space to actors in the concept of drama. Along with Alok Chatterjee, the combination of Rashmi Majumdar, the government, gives viewers a color similarity that other drawbacks of the drama disappear.

netua play

Dilip Gupta's guided cyclorama tells the story of caste and sexual harassment through Natua, an integral part of Bihar's folk art. Netuya means men who dance like women These artists win two types of sexuality in men in the feminine society of art. They do not get any respect because of art, but exploitation is definitely due to wearing opposite gender identity. This presentation illustrates the struggle of art and life by keeping the story of two generations face-to-face.

 The fame of this presentation, filled with folklore and dance, is its rawness which reminds people of the presentation of plays. Never played the role of Netu in Manoj Bajpayee in this play

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