Toyota to launch 10 fully electric vehicles by 2020, will manufacture batteries with Panasonic

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan's car maker, has announced that the company is going to launch many cars promoting electric vehicles between 2020-2030. In the midst of Toyota's electric vehicle policy, there are many types of electric vehicles produced - including Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Battery Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. By the year 2030, Toyota has set a target to sell 55 lakh electric cars, which include electric vehicles without petrol and diesel over 10 million drops. The company will launch Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in both 2020 and both passenger and commercial

All cars of Toyota Motor Corp. and Lexus will be either fully electric vehicles around 2025 or available with an electric alternative. This will be possible by continuously increasing the electric model and making them available on time. The result will be that the number of vehicle driven vehicles will be zero only. To make this happen, Toyota is going to launch 10 battery electric vehicles in the beginning of 2020 in the whole world, starting with China. After this, the company will also launch these cars in Japan, India, United States and Europe.

Toyota has also decided to work with Panasonic for its car battery. This new generation will have a more effective battery and commercial use of this battery by 2020, is the company's goal. Toyota and Panasonic will study together how wide the business of making an electric car's battery will be widespread and how to provide better battery in the automobile sector. Significantly, there is an electric wheel solution of increasing pollution in the world and the future of the automobile is seen in all the electric vehicles in the entire world.

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