Triple Divorce Bill, Political Troubleshooting, Know More in the Bill,

Triple Divorce Bill, Political Troubleshooting, Know More in the Bill, will be presented in Parliament today

The Muslim woman bill i.e. the triple divorce bill has been listed today to present itself in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad will present the bill after question hour in Lok Sabha. But the political turmoil over the triple divorce bill has increased and demands for change in the bill have also started rising. According to the Supreme Court's judgment in August, stringent provisions have been included in this bill to criminize the institute triple divorce.

 The bill also includes the conviction of instant triple divorce convicts for three years and a fine. Instant triple divorce in the bill is considered as cognitive and non-bailable offense. It also proposes the right of maintenance to the afflicted Muslim woman and the custody of minor children.

Senior advocate and Rajya Sabha MP KTS Tulsi has said that the provision of punishment for three years for the convicts of three divorces in the Bill is wrong. According to him, the bill should have a provision of punishment up to 2 weeks for the culprits. In the format, it is cognizable and inaccessible, which should be made unrecognized and guaranteed, and the victim woman should have the right to live in her husband's house.

Government can present triple divorce on this week Bill, emergency meeting in Lucknow of Muslim Personal Law Board

KTS Tulsi said to NDTV, "If the provision of punishment is kept more then its husband against the victim woman can increase torture and be violent, so it will be necessary to include the provisions of the bell in such crimes".

On the other hand, the Samajwadi Party has demanded that before bringing the bill to the government, all parties should interact with all parties, including the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. The personal law board has rejected the draft bill and the government did not even talk to them. Everyone's wishes in the law should be preferred.

Immediate giving three divorces is now illegal, will be 3 years in jail, 10 things to know about the bill

Naresh Agarwal told NDTV, "The Law Board has said that the government has not even talked to them. The Law Board has rejected the Triple Divorce Bill, till the law is made of everyone's wish, it does not prove successful. Maybe while Congress MP PL Punia said, "The Supreme Court has already declared triple divorce at a time, why is there a need to bring a new law?"

Discussion on the draft of Triple Divorce Bill will be discussed in the Cabinet today, in the winter session

Some of the three divorces,

. The government will soon have a bill in the Lok Sabha to make three divorces ie Divorce-e-Bidhat illegal and punishable offenses.

. All BJP MPs have been asked to stay in the house. The party has issued Whip.

. The government has to try it to pass it.

. Most opposition parties are against the provision of punishment for three years.

. Some parties feel that this can increase the case of killing of women too.

. One argument is that if husband gets punished then he will not be able to pay for nutritional  donations.

. Neutral parties like BJD are also not in favor of punishment, but they do not want to oppose it more than a limit because the government has linked it to women's rights.

. It is probable, therefore, that it is a matter of sending three divorce bills to the parliamentary committee for consideration. The government's motive seems to be sending a political message.

It is clear that with the questions emerging about the current format of the triple divorce bill, it is clear from the questions that making political consensus on this sensitive bill will not be easy for the government. Now we have to see how the government can solve this problem today.

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