Aadhaar number from mobile phone via IVR link

                                Aadhaar number from mobile phone via IVR link

The Government has surely avoided the last date for the process of linking the SIM card with Aadhaar number, but the verification is still going on. The good news is that on Tuesday, the process was made easy. All telecom subscribers can now only call one number and verify all their mobile numbers based on the basis, regardless of the network. This news has brought relief breath, because till now the customers were forced to go to the offline store of telecom companies to connect their mobile number with Aadhaar number. Now customers can add mobile number from base to their home using the IVR service.

Such a link from your mobile phone base
If you want to verify your phone number from the base, then the process is very easy. You just have a base number You have a number of Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone or any other operator, you just have to call your toll free number 14546 from your mobile number. After this, to follow the instructions of IVR for revalidation.

1. When you call on 14546, you will be asked about your citizenship. Are you Indian or NRI? You choose the right option.

2. After this, you will allow to link your phone number to the base by pressing 1.

3. Now you have to give your base number and press 1 to confirm it.

4. After doing this, there will be a one-time password on your mobile phone.

5. Now you have to enter your phone number.

6. Here you will grant telecom operator the details of your name, photo and date of birth from the UIDAI data base.

7. After this, the IVR numbers of your number will be told in IVR so that it can be confirmed that you have given the correct number.

8. If your number is correct, then now you have to use OTP through SMS.

9. To complete the Base-Mobile Number Verification Process, you have to press 1.

10. If you have any other number then you can also link it by pressing 2. After this, the instructions of the IVR system must be followed. During this time, keep your other mobile phone nearby, because that number will also be OTP.

The OTP that is sent during the linking of the base and mobile number is valid for 30 minutes. This means that for some reason if the call drop is also done, then you can call that again using OTP during the linking process. The IVR system says that the last date for connecting the mobile number to the base is February 6. At the same time, the corporate plan subscriber does not have to link his number with the base.

So far, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone have started this IVR service. At the same time, IVR tried to connect us with the customer service center officer after calling from Geo No. But the call itself stopped every time.

At the end of November, the telecom companies had said about bringing the website to add base and mobile number online. However, no such website has ever come up. Looking at the picture used in a tweet by the Twitter account of Digital India, it seems that users will be able to link their mobile number from the base through the Moad app. This app is currently only available on Android platform.