apply four moons in the winter these jewels

                           In your own eyes, apply four moons in the winter, these jewels

Everyone wants a trendy look even in the winter season. Fashionable look can also be found by wearing jewelry in the winter season. In this season, instead of bran, wearing a diamond earrings and a big ring can be a good look. Ritika Bhasin Gupta, co-owner of Saurabh Maheshwari, the giant Jewels, has given many suggestions regarding selection of jewelery this season, which is as follows ...

As the girls like to wear scarves or fur collars to protect themselves from cold, girls should avoid wearing broth because women can wear diamond necklaces, which will be worn on winter clothes. If there is any other opportunity other than marriage, then women should adopt a simple look as much as possible.

Whether the big flashing ring in the winter, whether it is a hoax or a diamond, looks superb and gives you a glamorous look. In winter, women generally avoid wrinkles on the wrist except for the clock. There is no point in wearing a bangle or bracelet this season, because it can be trapped in the sleeve of pullover or sweater.

Most women like to keep their hair open for warming their ears in winter and keeping it in mind, they should use beautiful hair pins, bands or studs, which will give them a nice look by the winter apparel. - INS