At what time can food be eaten extremely beneficial

                             At what time can food be eaten extremely beneficial ...

It is very important to consume fruits at the right time, because fruits contain all the nutritious ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. which are beneficial for your body. By consuming fruits at the right time, In order to keep the body healthy and healthy, it is very important to know that what is the right time to eat them?

According to the nutritionist, we should consume some fruits with a glass of water on the empty stomach in the morning, because of consuming fruit on the empty stomach, all the grindstone inside your body ends and you are refreshed throughout the day.

According to the book "Healing Foods", printed by DK Publishing House, to start our day, we should eat fruit in the morning breakfast, because the amount of antioxidant in the fruit is high, Helps keep healthy.

Dinner with fruits is also good habit of eating lunch, because it is the time when your digestion system is in the process of digesting food, there is also a possibility to digest fruits. Food is beneficial for the body with food and on the empty stomach, because nutrients, fibers and vitamins present in fruits are able to do their work properly.

According to the nutritionist Dr. Rupali, the fruit is beneficial for eating food with food because fruits like mineral and low calorie are consumed like sodium and potassium, which helps in eradicating your appetite. Diabetics offer fruits to food Should not eat, but eat about 2 hours after eating food should be eaten.

According to the Nutritionist Dr. Rupali, we should eat bananas and mango before or after workout. It caters the amount of energy in your body and acts as an electrolyte in addition to it.

According to Celebrity Nutritionist Puja Makhija, we should never consume fruits. There is no time to take nutrients, because we eat fruits before or after the morning stomach or breakfast and lunch, then Your digestive system is already prepared to absorb nutrients. If you want to lose weight then you should consume fruits before lunch. Hey there.