Bhaagamathie ( Bhagmathi ) Movie Review

Review : Bhaagamathie – A film industry wander 

2018 commenced sharply this Sankranti with numerous best star cast films not making enormous at box office.Now Anushka reverberating passage after Bahubali , now as a Bhagmathi Adda represents a danger to opinions.

The trailers of Bhagmathi bhagmati ) made intrigue and furthermore sensation with her high pitchdialogue – this isn't a dairy cattle sanctum for all to travel every which way at whatever point they need ,Everything and everybody needs to do fundamental maths here in this Bhagmathi adda.The discourse turned into a web sensation broadly and all around and hotted up expecations in the cinematic world as it was discharged around the world.

Story : 

Eswhwar Prasad (Jayram) a legit union pastor has an individual secretary Chanchal( Anushka) and some of his bureau associates were quick to settle him in some embarrassment and get his secreatary Chanchal in a murder case. At the point when police take her for cross examination to an old bungalaw with an expectation to ump her off Chanchal changes into a tranced lady as Bhagmathi and places terrify in police .What happens later is the tension which drives the film all through.

In addition focuses : 

Anushka acting,Thamans foundation music.cinematography and generation esteems.

Short focuses:

Dull and moderate moving , No startling scenes.

3. Execution of on-screen characters : 

1.  Anushka acting needs no mention,as she has dependably exceeded expectations in excitement and ladies arranged parts .As two characters Chanchal and Bhagmati Anushka has indeed remembered in Arundhati part.

2.  Jaram has satisfied the part of Clergyman Eswar Prasad.

3.  Unni Mukundan has additionally assumed his part as saint of the film

Asha Shara ,Murali Sharma, Dhanraj, Prabhas Srinu ,Vidhyulekha Raman,Talaisaval Vijay,Ajay Gosh, Madhu Nandan and so on have done great to their parts.

Specialized wing : 

Thamans mood melodies is the inside condition of the film and has disgraced his commentators who depicted his music as drum pounding only.Thamans music with sickening dread scenes and foundation is simply startling and able to the threme.

Mathis cinematography is feature of the motion picture especially in the Bhagmathi sets. Little care in altering and routine stream could have been avioded.

Chief Ashok who had given class films like Pilla Zamindar and Sukumarudu has attempted his submit another style of blood and gore movie arund a political scheme subject. He has concentrated more on Chanchal character than Bhagmati which seems like a dry run.

Over all the chief has done equity to topic and twofold part of Anushka.


The chief has attracted the group of onlookers with an essence of Arundahati in the trailer , however his concentration is showing glabour doll of Anushka to get preferred standpoint of her fame in late Bahubali presentation.

The film races facilitate with the Anushka passage into Bhagmati cottage and spine chiller effet starts in second half driving the audiance to free for all in the peak .General Bhagmati is maybe the primary hit film of 2018 Sankranti season

Business Veeru Rating : 3/5