Bhaagamathie Trailer: Bahubali Heroine Returns

                          Bhaagamathie Trailer: Bahubali Heroine Returns in a Wrong Style

The trailer of Anushka Shetty's new film 'Bhagmati', which has established her special identity in the film world from 'Bahubali' series has been released. This is Anushka's first film after Bahubali. 'Bhagmati' is a Telugu movie and its trailer has been released. The trailer is really awesome and Anushka Shetty has proved that she has nothing to do with acting. He is in the role of IAS officer in the film. He has also been shown in jail and he has been shown the shadow of the ghost. Every spicemaker making the film interesting is present in it.

                Bhaagamathie Trailer

Live 'pakistani' Ashok has directed. Unni Mukundan and Adi Pinissetti are in the lead in the film. Malayalam actor Jayaram is also there. The film is made in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Anushka Shetty had a strong act in Devsena's role and she also performed tremendous action in the second part of Bahubali. Not only this, Prabhas (37) and Anushka Shetty (35)'s on-screen chemistry and off-screen chemistry also made headlines with immense success of 'Bahubali-The Kanaklujan'.