Buy 30 lakhs 'Kannada Asmita' where you want to dance sunny leone dance

       Exposed: Buy 30 lakhs 'Kannada Asmita', where you want to dance sunny leone dance

Before the assembly elections in Karnataka, where Identity Politics is dominated, the investigation of Aaj Tak's Special Investigative Team has revealed that in the name of 'Kannada Asmita' many organizations in the state work like open-minded gangs are doing.

The groups of 'Karnataka Rakshana Vedike', which are considered among the most vocal slogans of Kannada identity, are ahead in lifting the demands related to the prominence of the local language on Hindi before the elections.

In December, many groups under the banner of 'Karnataka Rakshana Vedeki Yuva Sena' had protested against the proposed show of Actress Sunny Leoni on New Year in Bengaluru. These groups called this kind of program an attack on Kannada culture.

In the Aaj Tak exam, the big office-bearers of important groups of Karnataka Rakshana Vedeki (KRV) have been arrested on camera saying that they will give green signal to the events of Sunny Leoni's future in the capital of Karnataka after getting a big rake. These groups of KRV are in the hands of Narayan Gowda and Praveen Shetty.

Aaj Tak's under-cover report, when Narayan Gowda's K.V.R. faction's vice president Anjnappa got the fictional recognition of Sunny Leoni's publicist, he made a climbing claim about his group's muscle. The Under Cover Reporter talked to Anjnappa from his group at the Bangalore-based office.

Anjnappa said while boasting, "Those who had protested were all our boys. All those who had demanded the cancellation of Sunny Leone's event. "Anjnapapa further said," Those who came to interrupt the program were all our men. They came because I ordered them. We have a huge network in the state. We are able to stop the entire Karnataka from a statement. '

Trust to give protection to the program

Anjnappa took the hand, if Sunny Leoni wanted to have a program in Bengaluru, then he demanded a huge amount as 'Protection Money' to give a green signal on its behalf. Anjnappa also said, "I will be present there myself." The leaders of our group will come there to give protection. A team of 10-15 people will be with every leader. '

Take millions of money

When the undercover reporter asked Anjnappa about the group's fees for this work, the reply was received, "There is a huge amount of money to solve the case. Do one thing, give 30 lakhs advance and 10 lakh rupees later (after the show).

When asked to Anjnappa whether he had taken his group, Narayan Gowda, into confidence, he said, "I came here only after talking to him (from Gauda). Give them 30 lakh rupees ... in my advance boss. '

Aaj Tak also took the KRV group headed by Praveen Shetty under the scope of its investigation. This group's vice-president R. Poonith demanded Rs 30 lakh to allow Sunny Leoni to perform in Bangalore.

Punith said to the under cover reporter, 'Do the event, we will give full support. Our at least 300 men will be present there to protect the day on which the event will happen. "

Punith said, "You can take as many as you like, 100, 200. They will be present to give protection. Police barracking can also be taken. If someone comes out there, protesters or media, then our men will take responsibility to handle them. Our men will be there to support you until the end of the event. '

Ponith demanded half the amount of Protection Money in Advance. He said that the remaining amount should be given after the end of the show. Punith said, 'You give me 15-20 lakhs in Advance. After the rest of the show. '

Pravin, leader of Praveen Shetty, headed by KRV, did not stop here. He also offered to provide two acres of land for Sunny Leone's program on Valentines Day.

Punith said, "Such events are very successful in the electronic city. The place will be mine. '

The Under Cover Reporter said, 'So on February 14, Sunny Leoney's program is set on Valentines Day.'

Punith said, 'Do you, share me in profits. Give me as many percentages as you would give to others. '