This cat has two mouth three eyes and two nose

                 This cat has two mouth, three eyes and two nose, viral on social media

A cat is getting viral on social media. This is not a normal cat. It has two mouth, three eyes and two noses. The cat with two faces was born on December 12. Its name is Beatty B. There is also a Facebook account in which a lot of followers are increasing. Generally, these born organisms can not survive for long. But this cat is safe and normal life is going on. Their photographs are becoming quite viral on social media.

According to the daily mail news, it is very difficult to feed the cat born in South Africa. It has to be fed every 2 hours through the tube. The person who saved this has taken care of the little things of the cat. He says, "He is not able to milk properly. After which he is struggling a lot. As soon as it goes inside the milk, it vomits. But I have kept thinking that I will try every possible way to live it.

This cat is being liked on social media. People are sharing a lot of its photos and videos. Many people are assuming it as a real lion, and someone is treating it as the incarnation of God.