'China is as big a threat to China as America'

'China is as big a threat to China as America'

"The manner in which China is trying to influence the West, it is a matter of concern as much as Russia's destructive activities."

CIA director Mike Pompey told the BBC that the ability to carry out such activities is much more than that of Russia in Russia.

He also said that Russia could target the mid-term elections in America this year.

American intelligence agency director Mike Pompey told the BBC that there was no significant reduction in the Russian efforts to weaken governments in Europe and the United States.

He also said that North Korea could achieve America's ability to attack with a nuclear missile within a few months.

Almost every morning, Pompeio, who gave important information to Donald Trump, called those claims "nonsense", which was being said that Donald Trump was not good for the US presidential position.

CIA wants to be at the forefront

On the seventh floor of the CIA headquarters in Virginia, the director's conference room has pictures of former directors and presidents in his tenure. Under Pampoo President Trump, the CIA is clear about its plans.

He told the BBC, "We are the world's best detective service, we will work to steal secret information from the American people and I want to be ahead of the rivals."

Popeo, who has been holding this post for the last one year, says his goal is to reduce the burden of the CIA.

He says, "This is an agency that is working in a world with an unexpected nature. There can be not only military actions on the basis of intelligence, but political disputes can also stand."

Concerns about Russia's alleged interference

Regardless of whether the US had mutual cooperation with Russia in counter-insurgency operations (last year the CIA had helped prevent an attack in St. Petersburg), Pompeo says that he sees Russia primarily as an opponent. .

They raise concerns about its interference in European countries and say, "There is no significant reduction in Russia's activities."

When asked if he had concerns about the mid-term elections going to be held in America in November, he said, "Absolutely, I hope he will do his best, but I am confident that the United States will have an independent and impartial election We will be able to resist strongly in such a way that they will not have special influence on our elections. "

'Rubbish question in the book on trump'

Pompio said that the US is competing against Russia's efforts to weaken governments.

President Trump has dismissed Russia's claims of interference. So does the CIA director have to keep everyone happy?

In response to this, Pampío says, "I do not do that, I do the same as what is true. We tell the President the same truth as ourselves, which we know."

Pompio did not endorse questions raised on President Trumpet in the recent book Fire and Fury.

He says, "It's ridiculous, I have neither read the book nor intend to read it." The claims made by the President in the book are dangerous and false. I am sorry to write to this nonsense How time can be found. "

Trump language support

In the past, President Trump called the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un "rocket man" and spoke with great affection about America's nuclear button.

But Pompei says that such statements helped North Korean leaders and leaders of other countries to influence the seriousness of the current situation.

"When the President elects this kind of language, believe Kim Kim - they understand that America is serious."

North Korea's nuclear program is on prominence in the CIA agenda.

Pompeo says, "North Korea can be capable of demolishing nuclear weapons within a few months."
When asked whether it is possible to remove Kim Jong-them or to stop them from launching a nuclear missile, Pompeo says, "Much is possible."

But they did not tell what it meant to say such a thing.