Country's currency reserves rose to $ 414.78 billion

Country's currency reserves rose to $ 414.78 billion

The increase in foreign exchange reserves continued for the fourth consecutive week and touched a new high of 414.784 billion dollars in the week ended January 19. Due to the increase in foreign exchange assets, according to the Reserve Bank of India data, foreign exchange reserves have increased in the weeks to come.

According to the figures, during this period the currency reserves increased by $ 95.11 million. In the previous week, foreign exchange reserves had increased by $ 2.7 billion to $ 413.825 billion.

Foreign exchange reserves exceeded the psychological level of 400 billion dollars for the first time in the week ending September 8, 2017. Foreign exchange assets increased by $ 93.46 million to $ 390.768 billion in the week under review. Gold reserves remained unchanged at $ 20.421 billion during this period.