DB SPL Padmavat even after the violence-stop even in earnings double the collection of Bajirao in 4 days


DB SPL: Padmavt, even after the violence-stop, even in earnings, double the collection of Bajirao in 4 days

The film, released in the midst of a huge protest across the country, 'Padmavat' has doubled the number of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Bajirao Mastani'. Despite not being released all over the country, the film has earned Rs 100 crore in the first four days. However, Bajirao Mastani, who came in 2015, has earned Rs 57 crore in four days. He was able to earn. While the starcast is similar in both movies. If compared to the period films, then, the four-day earnings of 'Bahubali 2' were 78 crore more than 'Padmavat'.

Film reaching 150 crore

:- Film trade analyst Amod Mehra says that despite so much opposition, Padmavat can do 150 crores business till Sunday night, because it will get the benefit of the long weekend. There is a very good advance booking for the film.

However, on the other hand, film trade analyst Girish Johar has secured more concern than business people. He says, "There was an estimate about the earnings of the film that it will earn 20 crores a day, but only 5 crores earned from it, but on the second day it earned 19 crores, 32 crores on the third day and its earnings in four days. It is reaching 100 crore

However, it has to bear the brunt of not having complete screening in large Hindi belt states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. The film was found on 3500 screens only, while the initial estimate was about 4000 screens. "

According to Amod, "It is estimated that the film could earn Rs 4 crore in Rajasthan, Rs 12 crore in Gujarat, Rs 10 crore in Uttar Pradesh, and Rs 2 crore in Madhya Pradesh, the total collection of the film could be 28 crore, which means that. A total of 128 crores of rupees could make a film.

:- Hindi version of Bahubali-2 had a turnover of Rs 178 crores in the first four days. In this way, Rs. 50 crores has been behind from Bahubali to Padmavat. In all such cases, Bahubali-2 had done business of 383 crores in four days.

Padmavat is being shown without cuts in the US, UK and Pakistan

Trade analyst Amul Mohan says, "It has been 30 to 35% of the loss due to not showing the film in these four states. The film had earned Rs 32 crores till Friday, which means it is losing about 10 crores every day. There is a loss of 12 to 15 per cent in Gujarat alone, Bhansali's films are very much liked. However, Bahubali did this collection when the movie was released 6500 on the screen.

:- Amul said, "Netflix had its digital rights in 25.5 crore, whereas, Padmavat's digital rights were taken by Amazon Prime in 25 crores, 800 in foreign countries, including in America, Pakistan, UK and many countries. There is no release of any cut. "

In the case of earning abroad, the old record can be broken

:- Film analyst Komal Nahta says, "The situation will improve in a day or two. People will ignore the voices of protest and it will be shown in the opposing places."

Jauhar says, "Our concern is to see the security of the audience and the government quietly watching everything. The order of the Supreme Court is not being followed." However, the film can do better abroad. In Pakistan also its screening has been allowed. The film also got good screen in USA and UK. Here the film is expected to give good profits.

Mehra also believes in this, hoping that the film can do well especially in European countries. The film is being released in nearly 21 countries, while Nahta is confident that the film will break all the records in the case of earnings abroad.

Padmavat gets less screen than Bajirao

:- In terms of data, Padmav came to 3500 screens in India and 800 screens in foreign countries. While Bajirao Mastani had 2700 screens in India, because at the same time Shahrukh's Dilwale was also released. That is, Padmavat got less screen in abroad than abroad.

The 478-year-old manuscript clutches in lock-up

After the controversy over Padmavat, many more people, including the tourists, are coming to Patna's big libraries to see the manuscript.

:- Syed Tariq Inayatullah Pariadausi of Maner Sharif Dargah says, "We are getting calls from people to get information about Padmavat everyday. For many years the manuscript was kept in the lock and nobody was coming to see it, But now more than 100 people are coming every month. Translated manuscripts of Padmav in Persian and Urdu are in Khudakkhash Library.

:- Among the controversies surrounding the film, people's curiosity has increased about its manuscripts. People are also trying to see or learn about them. One of these is written in Duration, one in Persian and one Urdu. These manuscripts in Patna are also very important because there is hardly anywhere else in the country.

::- Please tell that Padmavat is basically based on the book of Malik Mohammed Jaisi Padmavat. It was composed in 1540 AD by Joyi in Awadh. Three rare manuscripts of the book written 478 years ago are present in Patna.

For Sher Shah Suri, Malik Mohammad Jaisi wrote

:- The manuscript of Persian and Urdu mentions that Padmavat was composed by Malik Mohammad Jaisi in 1540 AD. Then he wrote it for Sher Shah Suri and had him dredicate.

::- Translated from Persian to Persian in 1619 AD by Mullah Abdus Shakoor Bazmi. He came to Gujarat from Shiraz city of Iran and stayed in India as a translator. Then, Bazmi dedicated this translation to Mughal emperor Jahangir. At the same time, the Persian manuscripts of Padmavav (Khadkabshh Library) were mewadas (copying manuscripts) of the Persian manuscript. He wrote it in 1669 AD. It is in 198 pages, which has 31 photos. Among these, the valor, sacrifice and sacrifice of Rani Padmavati were shown.

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