Did Padmavat open the poll of Nitish Kumar's good governance claim!

Did Padmavat open the poll of Nitish Kumar's good governance claim!

If you ask someone today that there is a difference between a common citizen of Bihar, a resident of his neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, then your answer should be that when the BJP Chief Minister is the government, it is for the residents interested in the film. In the presence of the police, he made sure that he could see the movie Padmavet. But Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who claims the BJP's support and the rule of law in the state, has not been able to release the film in Patna except for Bihar.

Definitely Nitish Kumar looks like a movie, but Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has never gone to watch the film. But the question is, what is the reason that the BJP Chief Minister managed to prevent the violence of the army's enthusiastic people after the deployment of his police, but the Bihar police were sitting on the hands of the police. The failure of the film to release in Bihar is definitely a black spot on the Nitish government, as the Home Minister is also Nitish Kumar and the state police comes under them. In Bihar, a fellow BJP minister in Bihar has never said anything publicly when Padmavat was not released, but the question is, when Nitish did not get the decision of the Supreme Court, did he himself have his will In the absence of the claims of the rule of the law, have not made a mockery of itself?

Definitely the Bihar government never banned Padmavat, nor did any court go that on the release of this film, there was no law and order problem in their state. But the question is, what is the compulsion of Nitish Kumar behind this unannounced ban? In the last 24 hours, whether he is a Yogi government or a government of Raghubar Das or Mamta Banerjee's government in West Bengal, everyone showed that if you have will, all 'private forces' are dwarf in front of the government.

However, the Bihar government had given the statement that there will be no restriction on showing the film to the cinema owners. State Chief Secretary and Director General of Police also came to the conclusion, but the cinema owners had to cry that when it came to security, they have got a clear indication of the government and administration's tireless attitude that the government does not want to buy any scam after the film's performance. . The cinema hall owners did not want to take any risks of demonstration or demolition. He said that the government had provided security before the demonstrations in Ranchi and Lucknow. It is different that in the state there is no general opinion of the army which is opposed to the film, nor any cadet leader. Although some legislators from the BJP and Janata Dal United and one or two ministers had demanded a ban before the court's decision, they were also silent in recent times. Then there is the question of why the government was inactive and whether Nitish Kumar Rajput Voters should not be angry, for this, there is a 'rule of law' in his state, but he did not lose due to putting on stake.

The BJP's leaders in the government say that there was no pressure from them. The Rajput votes will get annoyed in Bihar that the government has protected the cinema hall, it is foolish to think. There are many issues at the time of voting and Bihar will have the same issue in the Lok Sabha that people want Narendra Modi and they will give Nitish a chance in the assembly elections or Lalu Yadav's son, Chakshi Yadav. The BJP believes that Rajput of Bihar will not be left with the National Democratic Alliance in both the states. The BJP claims that after the alliance with Lalu, with the help of the BJP, when the government was formed, in the days of the beginning, there were many attacks in the name of Gorakhya but there was a clear message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that such elements were dealt with strictly Go. But it was beyond the understanding of the BJP leaders that Nitish Kumar had considered his police inability to deal with a possible attack on the Karmani army.

Although the Nitish supporters believe that the government can not ask for any film to show any film by the pressure of the owner of a cinema. The government had urged the public to show the film but if someone does not want to show, then it can not be forced to forcefully. Janata Dal United leaders believe that local police may not have responded as they may expect security from a film-like government. But for this, dragging Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is like letting his imagination fly. These people say that there is no question of bowing down to any caste or private army and should remember that in the last few years, Nitish Kumar has the responsibility of raising the ethnic tension not only from the society but also to the end.

But Padmavat definitely reminded the people of the era of Lalu Yadav's era when the name of the villain in the movie Gangajal did not allow him to release for some time due to his name being Sadhu Yadav. Later, Jai met Laloo Yadav. Some disciples of Sadhu Yadav saw that movie and did not find anything objectionable to release the film. Later, when Nitish Kumar came to power, controversial films such as Prakash Jha's abduction and reservation came in, never happened in Bihar.

But at the time of Padmavat, only Prakash Jha, whose multiplex capital is in Patna and is a member of Jha Janta Dal United, did not understand the film better. Maybe they too believe Nitish Kumar and the state police are no longer does not only adversely affect, but also proves to be weak in front of Yogi Adityanath and Raghubar Das.