Do not at home at all office work bad effects

                                    Do not at home at all, office work, bad effects

Nowadays, employed people are also encouraged to work from home. Many people feel comfortable working at home. But doing office work at home can have bad effects. Researchers have found in a new study that using mobile phones in the home for office work not only affects family life, but also affects employee's performance.

This study was published in 'Occupational Health Psychology'. In which 344 married couples were surveyed. All participants used to work full time. He used mobile and tablet for work at home too. Wayne Crawford of Texas University of America said, "There have been many research on technology and its impact on the staff." He said that we wanted to see what could be done with the use of technology.

The results of the survey of couples revealed that using the mobile at the time the family should give it reduces job satisfaction and reduces efficiency.

The researcher said, "It is not surprising that when a partner uses the mobile in the house, then it strains." He said, "Sometimes they are busy working at home, Both the wife have difficulty in the office. (From input language)