Does the boss repeat the anger Do not be so angry

                                      Does the boss repeat the anger? Do not be so angry

Are you too upset with your cough boss? Does he keep bothering you all the time? Just working day and night in the morning and evening? So you're not angry because your boss is very good. Yes, a recent survey found that the cavalry boss is very good.

This is revealed in a study conducted in India and the UK. The researchers said that when it is not known how the boss will treat you, it affects the quality of the work of the employees.

Researchers at Exeter University in Britain found that whose bosses mingle with their employees in an instant and then begin to get angry in the second, they are more harmful.

He said that of course the relationship of the boss with the employees is poor, but if the relationships remain the same and they do not change then such relations are better.

Alan Lee of Exeter University said, "If your boss is both happy and poor, then it is difficult to find out what he thinks about you. It is difficult to rely on them. It gives negative thoughts and this attitude bothers the employees. "The researchers conducted four surveys in two companies in the UK and one company in India, in which the employees were asked what they think of their boss and the different tasks How does her performance live in ?...