Facebook is going to stop fake news


                                            Facebook is going to stop fake news?

Now on your Facebook feed, those stories that will come from reliable sources. Facebook has announced that they will give such news to the first priority in Newsfeed.

The company has said that the social network community will decide which news sources are reliable and for that they will use the user survey.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, said that very soon there will be 4 percent of the news on people's newsfeed on Facebook, which is 5 percent less than the first.

The company is trying to curb the reports of Fake News and Propaganda.

Taking forward its campaign against Twitter, Twitter also announced on Friday that they liked, retweeted and followed 676775 U.S. Twitter users who followed the tweets from the Russian bot account during the 2016 US Presidential election. Warned.

It is believed that these changes are happening due to accusations of biased attitudes on Facebook and not recognizing false stories.

Zuckerberg said, "We can take a decision on new changes, but we are not comfortable in doing so.

We feel that we should also get feedback from outside experts and doing so will not be in our hands. But due to this the problem of fairness can be solved.

Or else we can ask you from the community - and your opinion can be determined by ranking. As we have done before. "

Under this, Facebook users will be asked about advertisements whether they recognize that brand of news and trust them.

This theory of Facebook has to be tested in a big way because on one side where there are many sources of news that give biased news and they are the people who like and believe in trust, there is a small group of sources which are quite People consider "broadly trustworthy" even if they have a tendency towards a particular ideology.

Zuckerberg wrote, "Sensational news, misinformation and polarization are a major problem in the world in which we live." Recently, Zuckerberg had said that Facebook is going to make some big changes in the news, business, brand and media related feeds.

Zuckerberg had resolved for the new year that he would do his best to solve the problems of Facebook. He said, "To protect our community from hate and abuse, to protect Facebook book by the occupation of nations and to ensure that the time spent on Facebook is your precious time."

Zuckerberg says, "People are sharing stories with each other through social media in the past, and we do not have enough resources to deal with such problems, and we can offer them a lot Are. "

This new ranking system will be first tested with American Facebook users and the results of this survey will not be made public.

A spokeswoman from Facebook told the BBC, "This is one of the many sign-ups in the Newsfeed ranking. We are not planning to make the public that we have shared the scores with confidence, because it's a person's Every story that appears in Newsfeed does not present a complete picture. "

Facebook or any other major web service - Some changes in algorithms make some changes and some are harmful.

Traditional media organizations with long history, companies such as the New York Times or the BBC can get a lot of benefits.

But the emerging brands will be affected badly because they are not strong. Whether or not they are sharing reliable content or not.

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