For these 4 people poison is ginger not only eat better

                                For these 4 people, poison is ginger, not only eat better

 In the winter without tea, the ginger tea does not fall down the throat. Ginger is the use of suppressed tea in every house in the morning or in the evening, and even why not only a ginger piece keeps the body warm, protects against cold cough, sore throat, flu and many diseases of the season. is. At the same time, the season is not seen to put ginger in the vegetable, it is filled with heat and also in cold weather every season. Because people think it has only advantages but let them know that it is not so. Ginger is not beneficial for all people and who should not eat it, know below

1. People with low weight
Because ginger is used to lose weight. Its frequent consumption can make you more thinner by reducing your appetite. It is beneficial for those who want to lose weight, but those who have already suffered from their low weight, are avoided.

2. Blood disorders
Those who have any type of blood disorder should eat less ginger. Especially people suffering from hemophilia. Because ginger acts to dilute blood, because of this, a slight cut or injury on the body can cause excess bleeding. Ginger is better for those who have trouble finding blood clots.

3. Pregnancy
Ginger consumption is very good for removing the morning sickness and weakness in the early months. But in the last quarter months, distance from ginger, because it keeps the risk of premature delivery and labor.

4. Regular medicines consumed
Avoid ginger people who eat regular medicines for diabetes and high blood pressure. Because these medicines combine with drugs such as son-blockers, anticoglants and insulin ginger, they produce dangerous drugs.