Fuzzy Twitter Followers to Sell Investigation

                                         Fuzzy Twitter Followers to Sell Investigation

New York's Chief Prosecutor says that investigations are being started on a social media company allegedly selling a fake follow-up.

Prosecutor Eric Schneiderman says that impersonating and cheating in New York is a crime.

According to the New York Times, there is allegations of stealing the identities of millions of real people on a company named Devumi.

However, the company has been dismissing these allegations.

On Saturday, the New York Times published a detailed report on the DeWoman Company.
In this report, interviews of many people have been published whose information and profile pictures of social media accounts have been copied. These are real looking boats designed

Boats are computer programs that are specially developed to run automatically. These automatic programs can work smoothly with tweets, retweets or like.

It is alleged that those who want to increase their popularity or popularity on social media can get the services of these bots by paying them.

People who take these services include actors, politicians, industrialists.

More social networking is seen by adding more follower numbers to the effect. Not only this, public opinion can also be influenced.

Schneiderman says that his concern is that such activities also affect democracy.

On its website, Daumai claims to sell FollowUnbi up to 2.5 million. Prices start at around twelve dollars.

Not only this, users can also buy likes and retweets on their posts from here.

Not only that, Devumini sells Followers and Lyrics on LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud and PinTrust.

The company is registered in New York City. Although New York Times claims that its office is in Florida and employees work with the Philippines.

At the same time, Twitter says that he is working to stop the companies that provide the services of Dowoomi and similar services.

Earlier, Twitter has been accused of not taking this problem seriously.

Automatic account can be operated on Twitter but they can not be sold or bought.

The company says that it will cancel accounts that buybacks, follow ups or likes.

In the New York Times report, it has been claimed that Devumini has thirty five thousand boats which are sold repeatedly.

It has been claimed that there are about fifty five-boat accounts of these, in which actual photographs and addresses of actual people have been used, including minor.

According to the report, there are many celebrity celebrities, politicians and journalists involved in buying Loiks from Daewomi's Followover Factory.