In spite of these indian spices in winter

             In spite of these indian spices in winter, diseases will remain away from you.

The winter season has started. There are more chances of getting diseases in this season. For this to protect itself in the winter, we have to take measures first so that we will not face any difficulties later.

It is very beneficial to take spices in the winter to keep yourself fresh and keep the diseases away. With the use of spices, the body can easily be molded according to the changing season. At the same time spice consumption can also be prevented by the infections and side effects of cold.

The use of these spices helps in keeping the body warm in the cold. Let us know about the spices that benefit the body in the winter ...

In winter, problems like colds, coughs, or neck throat are common. Tulsi consumption can be very beneficial for dealing with them. Tulsi can be rested in the winter season.

Cardamom is beneficial for the body. Cardamom intake helps to clean the blood. The use of cardamom in the winter season gives the body plenty of comfort.

Bay leaf
Tejpote should be consumed in the winter season. By eating it in the food, the taste of food increases as well as in the winter it prevents the problem of colds.

Saffron and turmeric
Eating saffron with milk is very beneficial. In winter, consuming saffron with milk can provide relief from cold. Along with this, saffron is also very beneficial for the body. At the same time mixing turmeric with milk can also be enjoyed by cold drink.

Black pepper
By consuming black pepper, metabolism increases. In winter, black pepper should be grinded and consumed with milk.

Eating nutmeg in the winter season proves to be very useful. Nutmeg strengthens the body's immune system. It can keep the body warm.

Clove is also very beneficial in the winter. With the help of clove, the problem of pain and swelling in the winter can be overcome.