India will be overtaking China in 2018

India will be overtaking China in 2018, then the biggest economy with the fastest growth rate

New Delhi: India will leave China behind again as the fastest growing economy in 2018. This has been said in a report. According to the report of Sanctum Wealth Management, when the rest of the world was passing through low growth and inadequate structural changes, India was seen as an improved economy with long-term growth. The report said, "India will become a bigger economy, growing faster than China in 2018, the fastest growth. India's stock market will also become the fifth largest market. "

According to the report, when developed economies were increasing at two to three percent rate, India was on the crossing of 7.5 percent. Now India is benefiting from the emergence of other emerging markets. There is a trend of decreasing China's growth rate. The report warned that if the inflation increased, the market would be affected.