It will be a new note of Rs 10 RBI will soon release

               It will be a new note of Rs 10, RBI will soon release, 10 special points

New Delhi: The process for making and launching old notes is in progress. Now the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), ie RBI, is going to make a note of 10 rupees note soon after it is issued. That is, the RBI will soon issue a new note of Rs 10. Earlier, the Reserve Bank of India had issued a new note of Rs. 2000 rupees, 500 rupees, 200 rupees and 50 rupees. The issue of 10 rupees notes was a lot of time, but now the RBI itself has confirmed that soon there will be 10 rupees notes in the new color in the pocket of the people.

What are the features of the new note:
1. Note chocolate - in brown color.

2. The front of the note will be a big picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the middle.

3. On the page portion, the shape of the Sun Temple of Konark will be marked.

4. The Reserve Bank has said that the new note of 10 rupees will be issued under the new series of notes containing Mahatma Gandhi's picture.

5. This will be the signature of Governor Urjit Patel.

6. Note size will be 6.3 cm X 12.3 cm.

7. The currency of 10 rupees already issued by the Reserve Bank will remain valid.

8. On the right side of the note, 10 rupees will be written in the lower part and on the left side of the note will be written 10 rupees in Devanagari.

9. In the new note, different places will be written in small words, RBI, India, INDIA and 10 rupees.

10. The last part of the note has written the year to print the note on the left and the slogan of clean India will also be written.

Let us tell that in November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had issued a note of ban and cut notes of 1000 and five hundred rupees out of circulation. After this, new notes of two thousand and five hundred were brought to the market. Note that ten rupees note in the same series is also coming in the market.