Know why the eggs in the fridge should not be eaten

Know why the eggs in the fridge should not be eaten?

Egg people often do not forget to include eggs in their diet in winter. But perhaps you do not know that these hobby of eggs can be huge for you. Often we buy and store eggs instead of fetching them in the refrigerator. It is believed that these are fresh from keeping the eggs in the fridge, but in a recent study it has been claimed that the eggs kept in the fridge should not be used. The egg is better for your health in winter, because it contains proteins, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, but due to keeping them in the fridge, these specialty ends.

The eggs kept in the fridge quickly get spoiled
Keep the eggs in the fridge quickly damaged. If you do not want it, keep the eggs in the room temperature. If you are fond of eating eggs every day, then try that you do not eat eggs kept for a long day. If needed, buy eggs and use them. It is true that eggs remain fresh due to keeping in the fridge but their nutrients end due to low temperature. Along with this, their real taste also ends.

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Egg loss can be caused by eating
Baking the eggs in the fridge can increase the bacteria present on it. In such cases, it is possible to enter them even inside the egg, while in other food items kept in the fridge it also increases the risk of spreading bacteria. Understand that your small mistake can compromise your health. The eggs you eat as healthy are the reason for your illness.

If you keep the egg in the fridge then you will be afraid to break
If we boil them immediately after putting the egg in the fridge, then there is a fear of breaking them. In such a situation, you only have to do so that whenever you want to use the egg kept in the fridge, keep it in the room temperature for a while, so that the risk of breaking them is not equal.

Cake will not even make good
Eggs and cakes are very old tones of these two. But if you are thinking of making a cake from the egg kept in the fridge, your made cake will not even be in your mind. It is very difficult to shake the eggs kept in the fridge. Along with this, making the cake from the eggs kept in the fridge makes the difference in both taste and color. That is, the Yami cake you want to make can not be made due to your mistake.