Medium car henna angle and diamond cheaper Read the effect of GST on these 8 essential things

Medium car, henna angle and diamond cheaper, Read the effect of GST on these 8 essential things

New Delhi: The object and service tax (GST) council has given a relief to the common man on Thursday, lowering GST on 29 items to zero percent. Many of these handicraft items are included. At the same time, no decision could be taken to simplify the form to fill GST returns. Along with this, a decision has been taken to reduce the GST rate on 49 other items. How the GST Council's decision has affected the common man's everyday life ...

                                            GST effect on these 8 essential things

1. In SUV cars with large and medium cars, the government reduced GST from 28 percent to 18 percent.

2. The government has reduced the GST rate from 18 percent to 12 percent on the bamboo baggage with 20 liters of water bottle and Sugar-controlled confectionery.

3. Goths of Mehndi's cone, tamarind powder, households supplying LPG and technical equipment have been reduced from 18% to 5%.

4. Now the GST has reduced from 3 percent to 0.25 percent on diamonds and precious stones.

5. Tools for the manufacture of ear machines and oil extracted rice peel are now tax free.

6. Service to provide information under RTI, transport services to educational institutions to secondary level, tax free to transport goods to the air or sea, outside India and to carry students, faculty and staff.

7. Garter has been reduced from 18% to 5% on the job of tailoring services and litteruds.

8. If you have a passion to visit the theme park, water park, JOI ride, now your pocket will be a little loose. These services will now have 18 percent GST instead of 28.