Modi government is going to give a special gift to farmers

                           Modi government is going to give a special gift to farmers

Modi government is preparing to give special gift to farmers. Yes, the farmers of the country no longer need to be disturbed, while participating in the formation of Chief Guest in Kokrajad on Saturday the second day of the three-day Assam Session General Assembly, Chief Minister Sonowal said that We have to work hard to take Assam on the path of development. Following the example of Shri Shankaradev, we have to prepare a prosperous Assam. Only then can we develop Assam.

The Chief Minister said that we are working for Assam to make every farmer and arable family strong. In the coming years, our government is working to strengthen Assam with the financial status and we hope the people of Assam will cooperate with us.

He said that in order to take Assam on the path of development, all the Assamis and various caste societies have to live together. Simultaneously, we want to assume full Assam which is planning different types for which.

At the same time, he said that Assam is naturally rich here and there is lot of natural wealth here so there are more possibilities of investing here. For which we have invited people from India and abroad to invest here. Here we will set up the industry but also keep in mind that the property here should not be destroyed. Regarding BTAD, he said that there was a time when Assam's area was turbulent, but since BTC has been formed since then, there is a sense of peace and development.